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    Why Aluminium Alloy?


    Aluminum and Aluminium Alloy featured with lightweight, good processing performance and corrosion resisitance, which is the best choice of automotive industry. Density of Aluminium alloy is 2.68 g/cm3 only, which is 30% of steel.

    Within same flexural rigidity, weight reduction is 38% compared with steel. Statics data shows portion of weight reduction replace steel or copper parts with Aluminium alloy will be 30%~40% in automotive chassis system, body and heat exchange system.  The current application of Aluminium extrusion products in China’s transportation sector accounts for 27% only of the total demand for industrial Aluminium extrusion products. Which is much less than 47% in USA, 45% in Europe, 50% in Japan. Under the trend of energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of new energy automobile and improvement of motor performance, the future is lightweighted.

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